Exotic b1π Channel Simulation and Analysis

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This page documents the essential results from an effort to simulate and analyze a b1π decay of an exotic resonance. This is done in the context of the GlueX experiment: the data is simulated as photo-production of mesons on a proton target using a Monte Carlo model of the GlueX detector.



  • Collaboration Meeting 5/2011 - update on work to reconstruct the b1π signal from background. Some cut alternatives are reviewed.
  • Collaboration Meeting 10/2011 - Report on the b1π amplitude calculator implementation, and its first use to generate and fit a signal with two waves.
  • Physics Meeting 1/6/2012 - Update on fits with error bars including the MC contribution as well as the effect of detector resolution on the uniform background wave
  • Collaboration Meeting 2/2012 - Update on amplitude fits of a b1π decay channel of an exotic around 2GeV
  • Collaboration Meeting 10/2012 - Presentation on final results obtained from amplitude fits of b1π decay of an exotic around 2GeV with a total cross section of 100nb in the presence of the full 125μb background from pythia.

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