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Determining the η Cross Section

The following is a brief overview of the analysis step used to calculate the cross section for the η meson in the 2γ final state Radphi dataset. While this analysis is specific to the Radphi detector dataset, many of the techniques are common in the nuclear/particle physics field and are useful in other experiments such as GlueX. These analysis wiki pages, while serving as an additional archive for my analysis, are mainly intended to serve as a tutorial for future graduate students. This work uses the Radphi pass-9-2020 dataset, which contains 2,578 individual ROOT format files. These files are located at /pnfs4/ . The pass-6-2014 dataset was used for Fridah Mokaya's analysis of the ω meson. The pass-6-2014 dataset used an algorithm designed by Fridah to merge Lead-Glass Detector (LGD) photon hits. While this algorithm was helpful in lower number photon final states such as the 3γ dataset used for:   ω → πo·γ   &   ω → η·γ   where πo, η → 2γ; it had an adverse effect on higher photon multiplicity final states.