Administrative Guide for New Group Members

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The following serves as an outline of various resources and administrative procedures necessary for new members of the group.

General Resources

Recurring Events

  • Lab Meeting nominal time: 3pm on Thursdays
  • PAN Seminars: 2pm on Mondays (consult the Department Calendar for more information)


  • This Wiki - most of it is accessible to the public, but editing and access to private pages under the "Community Portal" require an account. An account is necessary to be able to document an active project, so speak to an established member of the group for it.
  • Google Calendar marks important dates in the lab's activity and communicates your personal availability. Membership is essential: please contact an established group member to be added to the calendar sharing list.
  • Group Website publishes links to all tools, resources and our work in progress. For access to specific work files, consult the relevant member of the project.
  • Cluster Access - basic access to lab workstations and possibly some servers is already available to members of the Physics Department. Contact Prof. Jones or Alex Barnes for an account or to enable an existing Department account on the cluster.

Jefferson Lab Resources

  • JLab User Information - guide to administrative steps necessary for off-site collaboration with Jefferson Lab. If your work will involve any JLab resources, please start a registration and training process by following the "Registration" links in the left column. A JLab computer account may not necessarily require training/badging.

GlueX Resources

  • Overview to the experiment - an introduction for the general public. Another quick review is available on our website with links to our group's responsibilities to the project. Intermediate-level descriptions (compared to the previous introductions or the thorough, technical reviews in the following points) can be found in conference proceedings where GlueX was presented such the one from Hadron 2009 conference.
  • For more detail read the CDR, a design report from 2005.
  • GlueX Wiki - collaboration wide Wiki (as opposed to our local, internal group wiki mentioned above). Most content is publicly available, but contributions, including even oral reports to collaboration sub-groups, will require an account (see the registration page)
    • The Beamline Working Group section of the wiki will be most relevant to work in this lab. Agenda for bi-weekly beamline conference call is published there as well.
    • The "GlueX Project Overviews" page has links to thorough project descriptions.
  • GlueX Document Database (DocDB) - repository of technical notes and other important materials that need to be shared with the collaboration. Any formal contribution or report at a collaboration meeting must be submitted to this database and therefore requires an account.
    • Useful reviews of the experiment and individual detector components can be gleaned from talks in this database. (most general ones are "public" and can be accessed before receiving access credentials.)