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Welcome to the statistics cluster wiki. In this wiki you will find various how-to’s and explanations of the standard usage procedures.

Up and running

System Administrators

The statistics cluster is located in the Physics Building room GS-419A

  • Main contact: Ellie Prather, ellie.prather at
  • Dr. Richard Jones, richard.t.jones at
  • Former administrators
    • Cheng Tu
    • Alex Barnes
    • Igor Senderovich

Usage Policy

Cluster users adhere to the same usage policies as UCONN which can be found here

A former member of the department can use the cluster only if the jobs submitted are directly related to a collaboration with a current member of the department.


All users must have SECURE passwords. Hackers regularly attempt to gain access to the cluster through users' accounts. We have adopted an additional security measure to protect our users:

In order to connect to, all users must first connect to a UConn computer and then ssh to For anyone trying to access the cluster offsite and doesn't know a UConn computer to connect to, please contact your advisor/collaborator.

Must Read Before Connecting to the Cluster

Submitting a Job


  • If you encounter any problems, or have a question that is beyond the scope of this wiki, please e-mail Daniel Prather (daniel.prather at
  • If you need a specific version of software, please e-mail the system administrators and include:
    • the specific version number
    • if other users require the current version on the cluster

Current Status

Current available resources and their utilization may be monitored using:

  • Cluster load summary - for a simple summary of cluster resource load. This can also be used to see if the cluster is down.

Acknowledgement for Papers

Part of the computation was done on the Beowulf cluster of the Department of Statistics, University of Connecticut, partially financed by the NSF SCREMS (Scientific Computing Research Environments for the Mathematical Sciences) grant number 0723557.